Articles from MyLondon

I completed remote work experience with MyLondon in August 2020. I pitched stories in the daily editorial meeting and some made the front page of the website.

Articles from The Boar

I previously held the position of News Editor at Warwick's student newspaper The Boar. I facilitated the transition from print to digital reporting in response to the pandemic. As a result of my work, I was shortlisted for Best Reporter at the Student Publication Association's National Awards 2021.

Shame On You Warwick issues response to statements from the vice-chancellor and SU President

The students behind the Shame On You Warwick protest have issued a response to the statements from vice-chancellor Stuart Croft and Warwick Students’ Union (SU) President Luke Mepham. The statement said: “We must condemn your apparent lack of willingness to take any concrete action. “This is not an issue that can be resolved through your mere acknowledgement of its existence; instead, we require that those in power use it to make genuine change.” The statement continues, outlining the demands

What happened in the Term 1 Warwick SU All Student Vote?

This term’s All Student Vote (ASV) run by Warwick Students’ Union (SU) has seen the highest voter turnout on record, while support for online teaching was overturned. The ASV saw over 6,000 individual voters taking part, breaking the voter turnout record for the second time this year. Last academic year’s Term 2 vote saw a record of over 3,000 voters. However, this term’s vote saw the number of individual voters more than double. Just over five times more students voted this term compared to

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